Spring and Summer

  •  Fish waking up from winter

    Fish waking up from winter

  •  porch wisteria

    porch wisteria

  •  workshop


  •  spring ride

    spring ride

  •  porch baskets

    porch baskets

  •  cabin in summer

    cabin in summer

  •  blooms in the greenhouse

    blooms in the greenhouse

  •  Old Bob

    Old Bob

  •  lace vine

    lace vine

  •  sun porch

    sun porch

  •  poppies


  •  Summer drive

    Summer drive

  •  clematis


  •  a few more flowers

    a few more flowers

  •  summer in the greenhouse

    summer in the greenhouse

  •  tire swing and zip line

    tire swing and zip line

  •  I love sweet peas

    I love sweet peas

  •  dhalias


  •  still more flowers

    still more flowers

  •  coffee room in greenhouse

    coffee room in greenhouse

  •  mixed garden

    mixed garden